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How we will operate during these uncertain pandemic times! 

Things will be a little different and we will have to operate at a reduced capacity for the time being. 

We will now operate from Wednesday to Sunday Lunch, hours  12 - 3pm & 6.30 - 10.30pm.

Food orders for lunch will be 12 - 1.30pm  & dinner 6.30 - 8pm.

What is VERY important is that guests arrive at the time they have booked. Arrival times will be staggered to avoid too many people arriving at once so PLEASE arrive ON TIME! 

Customers will be shown straight to their tables so no loitering at the bar is allowed! 

The menu will be slightly reduced and will incorporate the Specials Board items too.

Our wine menu will also be reduced for the time being.

Our aim is to make everyone feel comfortable, including the staff.

We ask, in the nicest possible way, that if you are unwell or have a temperature that you do not visit us! 

We hope that things will return to normal eventually but until then we can only do our best! 

Children are welcome but must remain in their seats throughout. 

Young children (under 9 years of age) are not permitted in the evenings.

(Please note : we do not offer a children's menu in the evenings)